Mobile Gaming Premier League (MGPL) is a gaming platform where you can play multi-genre mobile games. There are various tournaments in the league where you can win cash prizes. The games are ad-free and they are free to play.

We will be launching over 25 games in the next 3 months. MPGL is a gaming platform where you can play the game of your choice from different game genres of Sports, Shooter, Arcade, Racing, Puzzles, Trivia, Word Games etc.

There will be various tournament formats on MGPL. Currently we have a High Score leaderboard where all you need to do is to play the game. If you are ranked in the Top 1000 players on the leaderboard, we will reward you with cash prizes.

MGPL is 100% safe and secure. You can play your favorite game here and win Rs.9,00,000 during the league.

The prize money will be deposited to your registered number of PayTM account.

We will aim to process the prizes to your PayTM wallet within 2 hours from the finish of the Leaderboard.

As default, we are taking the mobile number linked to PayTM as the mobile number you have registered on MGPL with. If your PayTM number is different, please update the same on the profile page in the MGPL App.

Currently we are only able to process prizes to PayTM account. We will soon be able to process the payments via UPI and Bank Account transfers.

There are 2 reasons for not receiving the money
-You have not updated KYC on the PayTm account-Please update the KYC and your amount will be automatically credited to your account.
-You do not have a PayTm account- please see question 8.

We have a fraud detection algorithm and we manually check and analyse any suspicious activity. We ensure that there is no cheating on MGPL and it remains 100% safe, secure and fair for all players. In case you notice any suspicious or fraudulent activity during the game or after that, please report it to our support team at Our team will get back to you in under 24 hours.

High Score

Hi-score League will match your best score with other top players playing the game. If your high score is in the top 100 list, you will take a share of cash prizes.

There will be a total of 100 winners from the Hi-score leaderboard.

The top 100 winners will share Rs.4000 Paytm Money.

The prizes will be credited to your registered Paytm number you have used in the app.

Versus League

Versus Leaderboard will count the number of coins won against the opponents (who are selected using match-making rating algorithm) you have played with. The more coins you win, the higher will be your rank on the Versus Leaderboard.

There are 3 different prize matches one can play (after unlocking). The prizes are 15 (entry 10), 150 (entry 100), 750 (entry 500). The more you win, the higher your ranks will climb in the versus league.

Coins are virtual goods. Coins are needed to pay for the fee for matches in the game. You can buy exciting treasures (Coming Soon!) with Coins.

You can buy coins in the Shop, where we have some amazing offers running and also get Free Coins by watching rewarded videos, hourly rewards & inviting friends.

Please contact us by emailing at, Facebook at or Whatsapp at +91 9990533555. We shall sort it out for you.

We are using a popular and well tested match-making rating algorithm, Glicko 2. Glicko 2 is used in Chess, Go, Counter Strike Go and for many tournament style plays.

There will be 1000 top players who will be picked based on the number of wins they have got. Win more to increase your chances of winning big money.

The top 1000 players in the Versus League will share Rs.15,000 Paytm money.

The prizes will be credited to your registered Paytm number you have used in the app.